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Asmary Field Services Company founded in 2005, and has certified as a knowledge-based company. Asmary is an integrated energy company whose dedication to the oil and gas industry aims at achieving his ambition to be a major player in the process of exploration and production section of energy resources.
Asmary, as an official top grade (Grade One) contractor in Oil and Gas field is the first and pioneer company in its course of activity; and based on his believe to his potentials and abilities committed to profoundly Develop of its production, services, and sales while continuing to fulfill the petroleum industry’s requirement.
Asmary proudly stablished an innovative technologies, products and services that help his clients accelerate their excellence through advanced strategic plans, so it is a well-known and management-oriented company, towards offering the state-of-the-art solutions and services to the clients in order to help them coping over the fast moving and changing conditions across their fields of activities.

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Asmary Field Services Company is an oil and gas services company, active at industry’s up stream services. The company’s services can list as brief:

Design and manufacturing of PDC drilling bits (Knowledge-based Technology)

Electrical well logging services in
open-hole and cased-hole

Fluid and rock analysis services

Manufacturing of milling and side-tracking drilling equipment and services

Designing and manufacturing of well control and pressure control equipment.

Designing and manufacturing of Perforation equipment (Knowledge-based Technology)

Well control and pressure control equipment manufacturing for petroleum engineering Services.

Special innovative services.


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