Thru-tubing plug setting tool is a safe and efficient replacement for conventional thru-tubing explosive or hydrostatic setting devices. It is a non-explosive, electro hydraulic tool that provides a reliable, controlled force while supplying real-time feedback on the progress of the setting operation. The tool generates the force necessary to effectively set the anchors, compress the packing elements, and sever the weak point enabling the setting tool to release from the plug. The plug combined with a positive sealing plug (PSP) improves the efficiency and operational cost of the well.


Maximum setting force 22,000 lbf
Maximum stroke 7.08 ft
Maximum outer diameter 2.125 in. (53.97 mm)
Length 27.75 ft (8.46 m)
Weight (in air) 90 kg
Maximum temperature 150 C
Maximum pressure 10,000 psi
Maximum deviation 55