Our team deliver core analysis (CCA/SCAL), PVT and flow assurance, formation damage, geomechanics, and geological services to the independent oil companies. Furthermore, with considering internal capabilities, our team can perform some of the experiments that cannot be in the country through our international and reputable companies.

Geology Study

Using different methods like X-ray diffraction and thin sections, cores can be used for better understanding of reservoir geology. Our geological services are summarized as below:

  • Macroscopic core description (porosity types, lithology and facies)

  • Model Analysis & Textural Analysis

  • Macroscopic fracture study

  • Thin section studies

  • Whole core photography

  • SEM analysis

  • XRD/XRF analyses

  • Sequence stratigraphic analysis and well correlation


The basic characteristics of core such as porosity, permeability and saturation come from routine core analysis. Also, depth matching of wellbore logging can be done by using core gamma logging. The RCAL Services are listed as below:

  • Sample Cleaning (Soxhlet)

  • Core Slabbing and Trimming

  • Drilling of core plug samples

  • Digital white and UV photography

  • CT Scanning of Whole Core

  • Core Gamma Ray (Total and Spectral)

  • Determination of fluid saturation by Dean Strak

  • Porosity and Grain density measurement

  • Gas Permeability measurement

  • Brine Permeability

  • Porosity and Permeability at Different overburden pressure and compressibility


Detailed understanding of reservoir characteristics such as relative permeability, capillary pressure, electrical parameters (Archie exponents), and wettability requires additional measurements obtained in the special core analysis laboratory. The SCAL services are listed as below:

  • Determination of formation resistivity factor (FRF, a & m) and formation

    resistivity index (FRI, n) By Capri devices

  • Core Conductivity (Co/Cw) & Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)

  • Measurement of capillary pressure by three different methods: centrifuge,

    CAPRI and high pressure mercury injection (0 – 40,000 psi)

  • Measuring U.S.S relative permeability of Gas/Oil or Water/Oil at reservoir conditions

  • Determination of Capillary pressure by Centrifuge method

  • Measuring wettability by Amott and USBM methods

Fluid Analysis

PVT data provide the necessary information to properly determine fluid in place, recovery estimate and material balance calculations. In collaboration with our partners, we provide fluid sampling, flow assurance, crude assay, and PVT analysis services.

  • Preliminary and Advance PVT analysis

  • Determination of fluid properties through Viscosity, Density

  • Gas sampling cylinder

  • Oil Sampling cylinder

Asphaltene Studies

One of the important challenges of Iranian oil upstream industries in near future will be flow assurance problems in which contain all organic & inorganic deposits. All the routine experiments related to asphaltene studies are being conducted in Asmary laboratory. Besides, different operational treatment methods including:

  • Ultra sonic

  • Wave technologies