Asmary provides a wide range of bridge plugs and packers for various applications including hydraulic fracturing, cementing, acidizing, water zone isolation, and well testing. We offer both permanent and retrievable bridge plugs, depending on the purpose and duration of the isolation. Permanent bridge plugs are designed to seal the well permanently and require milling to remove them. Retrievable bridge plugs can be easily retrieved with wireline or coiled tubing after the operation is completed.

Our bridge plugs are available in the following types applicable in casing sizes from 5 up to 13 3/8:

  • Cast iron bridge plugs: These are made of metal and provide better isolation than composite plugs. They are also used for temporary or permanent wellbore isolation, but they require more milling time and power to remove them. Furthermore, they can operate in high-temperature and high-pressure environments in comparison with composite plugs.
  • Super Easy-drill bridge plugs: These are made of easy machinable soft metals that can be milled out easily. The well-engineered structure of these plug allows it to withstand high pressure and temperature up to 15000 psi and 180 C. They are suitable for horizontal and multistage fracturing applications.

All of our bridge plugs can be set in the well by wireline, hydraulic, or mechanical setting tools. Our unique and patented wireline hydrostatic setting tools allows the client to set the plugs in few hours without any hazards or restrictions which is common in wireline explosive setting tools operations. This setting tools can set plugs in casing sizes up to 13 3/8.