Production optimization and allocation services play a crucial role in the oil and gas industry. These services aim to maximize production efficiency, improve operational performance, and enhance profitability by optimizing production processes and allocating resources effectively. What we do in Asmary Field Services are as follows:

  1. Production Monitoring and Analysis: we use advanced monitoring systems and analytics tools to track real-time production data. This data includes well performance, flow rates, pressure, temperature, and other relevant parameters. Analysing this data helps clients to identify production inefficiencies, equipment issues, and opportunities for improvement.
  2. Reservoir Modelling and Simulation: Reservoir modelling and simulation enable clients to create digital representations of their oil and gas reservoirs. These models help in understanding the behaviour of the reservoir, estimating its potential, and optimizing production strategies. Simulation tools allow for scenario analysis and forecasting to make informed decisions about production optimization.
  3. Well Optimization: we assist our clients in optimizing individual well performance by analysing data, identifying bottlenecks, and recommending remedial actions. This may involve diagnosing and resolving issues related to wellbore integrity, artificial lift systems, downhole equipment, or reservoir connectivity. By optimizing well performance, production rates can be increased, and downtime can be minimized.
  4. Production System Optimization: In addition to individual well optimization, we focus on optimizing the entire production system. This involves analysing the performance of surface facilities, pipelines, separators, pumps, compressors, and other equipment. By identifying constraints, inefficiencies, and opportunities for improvement, we help operators maximize the overall production capacity and reduce operational costs.
  5. Allocation and Production Accounting: Accurate allocation of produced hydrocarbons is essential for revenue distribution and regulatory compliance. We develop allocation models and systems that track the production of oil, gas, and other by-products from individual wells or fields. These systems consider factors such as flow rates, composition, and contractual agreements to determine the share of production for each stakeholder.
  6. Integrated Data Management: Production optimization and allocation services rely on comprehensive data management systems. These systems integrate data from various sources, such as SCADA systems, sensors, production databases, and historical records. By organizing and analysing this data, service providers can identify trends, anomalies, and optimization opportunities.
  7. Continuous Improvement and Performance Monitoring: we work closely with oil and gas operators to establish performance indicators, set targets, and monitor progress. we provide regular reports, performance dashboards, and recommendations for continuous improvement. By benchmarking against industry standards and best practices, operators can identify areas for optimization and implement appropriate strategies.