IOR (Improved Oil Recovery) and EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) studies are integral to the oil and gas industry, aiming to maximize oil production from reservoirs beyond what can be achieved through primary recovery methods:

  1. IOR (Improved Oil Recovery) Studies: we focus on optimizing the production of oil from reservoirs using various techniques and technologies. our studies involve a comprehensive evaluation of reservoir characteristics, fluid properties, and production mechanisms to identify opportunities for improving recovery efficiency. IOR techniques include reservoir management practices such as water flooding, gas injection, and chemical treatments to enhance oil displacement and increase recovery rates.
  2. EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) Studies: with EOR studies we go a step further by utilizing advanced techniques to extract a larger proportion of oil from reservoirs. EOR methods involve injecting fluids into the reservoir to alter the properties of the oil and improve its mobility, thereby increasing the overall recovery factor. Common EOR techniques include thermal methods (such as steam injection and in-situ combustion), gas injection (CO2 or natural gas), and chemical flooding (polymer, surfactant, or alkaline flooding).