Digital Oil Field

We specialize in developing IoT/IIoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) based solutions for Oil and Energy domain. Other enterprise offerings include various services on:

– Software Development

We have proven capability to contribute in development/modification of software based on requirements of the client. In case needed, our team is ready to provide professional consultations for technical aspects as well.

– Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

Asmary is facilitated with advanced computational and programming stations. We have professional team of highly experienced code developers ready to provide services in development of AI-based systems.

– Data Management

We provide big data management services and ready to contribute in collection, categorization, building and management of client’s database.

– Digital Transformation

We believe in the importance of digital transformation and ready to provide services in transforming an organization from its old fashion time-consuming laborious system into a modern digitized precise one.

Our solutions

Asmary is ready to provide Oil & Gas Solutions for Upstream, Midstream and Downstream sectors, such as, in:

  • Drilling risk assessments

  • Optimization of well production

  • Reducing it data costs, bandwidth & battery power

  • Improvement of operational management

  • Optimize financial performance

  • Research and Development Solutions