Health, safety and environment guidelines (HSE Policy):

  1. Responsibility: The Asmary field services company admits itself to protect employees and the environment in the work process. This is based on the compliance with all relevant applicable laws, regulations and guidelines concerning HSE. Aside from these requirements, additional corporate guidelines are respected. In order to determine, initiate and control measures and improvements as well as to define preventive measures an environmental protection and occupational health and safety management was integrated in the existing integrated management system and is documented by the existing certification.
  2. Objectives: We set ourselves ambitious objectives and aim to sensitize also our business partners to introduce effective rules for the health and environmental protection. For the safe use of our products, we provide the users all required information for transportation, storage and use as well as for a proper disposal.
  3. Employees: A responsible behaviour of our employees is a prerequisite for a continuous promotion of our employees’ sense of safety, health and environmental protection. Required training will be planned, realized and evaluated. All employees are actively integrated by the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP).
  4. Special Representatives: Processes within the organization are managed in a manner to ensure a maximum of safety. In order to maintain the integrated management system, an environmental representative and a safety officer were appointed by the Management Board and namely notified to all employees.
  5. Commitment: The compliance with safety, health and environmental protection is a main prerequisite for the economical success of the company. Therefore, all employees and partners are encouraged to recognize and identify potential deficiencies and to remove them immediately in order to prevent damages.
  6. Communication: The Asmary field services company is committed to an open information policy towards the employees and other interested parties to establish and improve understanding of the safety, health and environmental issues and their impacts. We commit ourselves to actively implement this HSE policy.