Perforating Services

Perforating with a wide range of gun systems and charge types Advanced Perforating using state of the art deep penetrators and reactive liner charges Cutters – including the split shot, mechanical and chemical cutters Pipe Recovery –including back off and associated free point services Plugs and Packers – including any commercially available plug and setting system Propellant Fracturing using explosively detonated gas charges to fracture the reservoir Asmary offers one clear advantage when it comes to offering perforating and explosive services – choice! Unlike the large multinational logging providers, we are not tied to in-house or proprietary technologies. We have been able to go out and source the best equipment for any particular application. Asmary leads the way in offering effective and innovative well stimulation methods, including a variety of perforating methods and associated equipment. Asmary’s experienced staff can recommend the ideal charge, conveyance method and carrier diameter based on individual well design and reservoir characteristics. Asmary uses EPA (Engineered Perforator Analysis) to model charge performance data in any given well bore design. Each charge must go through rigorous quality control testing and a depth of penetration standard with an API RP 19B Section 1 test. Asmary able to use kind and various perforation system like uses DYNA energetics, and Maham perforating systems. In addition to the standard perforating services in casing, Asmary offers perforating systems in through tubing applications, horizontal pump down “Plug and Shoot” and tubing conveyed perforating.

Based on Convey Method

Based on Technology