Noise / High Precision Temperature Logging

The noise logging is applicable to oil/gas/water wells. It features improved accuracy and success rate in locating leak and channeling when combining with temperature and flowrate measurement

A noise log is simply record of a passive measure of the audible sound detected by a sensitive hydrophone at a number of locations in the wellbore. The High-sensitivity Noise Tool is enhanced in sensitivity and range of measurement with custom transducer based on the ordinary noise tool, which normally detects the incoming noises in wellbore generated at different spectral frequencies from different sources. By analyzing the frequency spectra, the nature of fluids may be determined to locate leaks. Because sound is generated by fluid turbulence, high noise amplitudes indicate location where the flow path cause additional turbulence to develop mostly like:

Asmary provides its clients with real-time noise logging which is applicable in most cases especially for drilling problems and also the latest version of Memory Noise log, FIND (Flow Investigation/Noise Detection).