Production Logging Services

Production log is a record of one or more in-situ measurements that describe the nature and behavior of fluids in or around the borehole during production or injection. Production logs are run for the purpose of analyzing dynamic well performance and the productivity or injectivity of different zones, diagnosing wells’ problems, or monitoring the effectiveness of a stimulation or completion. The term is sometimes extended to include measure the physical condition of the well, for example corrosion logs.

ASMARY’s Cased-Hole Wireline Logging Services enable you to reduce the risk of costly interventions and Non-Productive Time (NPT) while increasing production efficiency. With a breadth of services for well performance evaluation, integrity, and recovery troubleshooting, ASMARY enables a whole new level of performance for your onshore, offshore and deep-water applications.

Asmary provide its clients with whole package of PLT tools including Pressure/Temperature/ Density/ Water Holdup/Gas Holdup/Caliper/ Flowmeter/Gamma ray/ Casing Collar Locator both for conventional and horizontal wells which needs Array Tools.