Aluminum billet 
Aluminum billet is the material in use for producing all types of aluminum sections in extrusion industry, and is considered as one of the most used semi-manufactured aluminum castings. Aluminum billet was produced in 1933 by continuous casting or DC and still the principles of the process are the same, although significant improvements have been made in casting equipment. In this method, the aluminum melt is first prepared and its chemical composition is adjusted and then the melt is poured into a water-cooled die having a low depth. Typically, the mold cross section is circular, and when the solidification is beginning, the bottom part of the mold moves down with a controlled velocity to remove the solidified billet from the mold. When the billet is removing from the mold, the water is sprayed on a freshly frozen surface of the water billet.

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Aluminum ingots 
Aluminum alloy ingots are manufactured with precision chemical composition and used to cast various parts in different industries. Aluminum ingots can be produced directly from primary minerals or aluminum wastes, in both cases, the percentage of each element in the melt based on the final application must be precisely engineered to meet the desired properties. Asmary alloy company is able to produce pure commercial aluminum ingots as well as all kinds of aluminum alloy ingots on request of customers in accordance with EN, AA, JIS, BIS standards. The table below shows the main groups of wrought aluminum alloys in accordance with the AA standard.


Aluminum hemisphere 
The aluminum hemisphere (aluminum granules) is used for deoxidation in steel casting industry. Asmary alloy site has been manufacturing aluminum hemisphere to supply some of the Iranian steel industries. Asmary production hemispheres are manufactured according to customer requirements with a purity of 95 to 99 percent in circular cross section, and custom dimensions of customers. Asmary assures the quality of its products by take sampling from melt and final product and the exact analysis of the chemical composition by the Foundry-MASTER Spectrometer. The analysis sheet is provided to customers along with the products.For more information, please contact us

Asmary alloy company is capable of producing various types of aluminum billet series 1000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 and … with a diameter of 6 inches, 7 inches, 8 inches, 9 inches and 10 inches in length from 40 to 600 centimeters.

Typical Aplications Alloy Category Alloying Element Series Number
Electrical, Power Grid & Transmission Commercially Pure Aluminum ۱XXX
Aircraft, Cylinders and Pistons Heat-Treatable Copper ۲XXX
Cooking Utensils, Beverage cans Non Heat-Treatable Manganese ۳XXX
Structural and Automotive Non Heat-Treatable Silicon ۴XXX
Storage Tanks, Marine, Pressure Vessels Non Heat-Treatable Magnesium ۵XXX
Structural and Automotive Heat-Treatable Magnesium & Silicon ۶XXX
Aircraft Heat-Treatable Zinc ۷XXX

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