Metallurgical Laboratory

Scientific methods combined with the production of various aluminum products

Asmari alloy site produces a wide range of aluminum alloys used for sand, gravel and die casting industries in accordance with EN, AA, JIS, BIS and other standards. Asmari alloys are used to make important car parts such as cylinder head, piston, manifold, wheel and wheel hub, brake parts, water pump shell, generator shell and so on. Manufacturers of auto parts, profiles and some automotive companies are our main customers in Iran.

Asmari Alligator Site Engineering specializes in the chemical composition of alloys in accordance with the needs of each customer. The specifications of all alloys used by customers are stored in a comprehensive database to ensure that customer requirements are always met. In addition to having an ISO 9000 certification, Asmari has an internal certification system with all its customers.

Aluminum scrap is the main raw material for the production of aluminum ingots, and ASMARI’s superiority, compared with other companies, is the comprehensive control system and waste sorting. This, coupled with efficient production methods, the use of advanced analytical equipment for quick and accurate chemical analysis, and full attention to the cleaning of ingots, ensures complete control of quality until the time of packaging and delivery of ingots. Asmari is one of the few aluminum manufacturers that uses filtering of metals for alloys used in sensitive casting applications. Asmari provides aluminum alloys with a variety of structural modifications, such as sodium, titanium boron, and strontium to improve material properties and casting properties.

Therefore, our customers are convinced that Asmari ingots not only have the exact chemical composition according to their requirements, but also free of gas, ash and impurities, which increases the productivity and production of products that meet the customer’s physical and mechanical requirements. Satisfies. In addition, customers fully benefit from Asmari’s technical team experience in solving casting problems.

Asmari Company is able to produce 20,000 tons of aluminum ingot and billets per year