Cement Bond Log

The most important cause of cementing a well is to make a reasonable hydraulic isolation. Cement failure is the root cause of many problems during production. Cement Bond Log measures integrity of cement bond between tubing/casing and well bore. The log is typically obtained from one of a variety of sonic-type tools. The newer versions, called “cement mapping”, can give detailed, 360-degree representations of the integrity of the cement job, whereas older versions may display a single line representing the integrated integrity around the casing. The cement-bond log (CBL) is a conventional cement quality evaluation technology. The CBL is an efficient aid in estimating cement-bond quality, and has been found to be reliable, if properly run and interpreted. Many new bond-logging tools, such as the radial bond tool (RBT), the radius incremented bond (RIB) tool, and the sector bond tool (SBT), can also perform CBL measurements.

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