Casing Inspection

As a production well becomes older, Casing and tubing placed in well bores may suffer from damage due to corrosion or mechanical distress. Corrosion is caused by many factors among them are natural electrical currents that flow in the earth, and H2S/CO2 content of well fluid.

To prevent Corrosion is easier and more economic than repair it so it is important to detect corrosion in right time. Corrosion inspection logs are widely used in areas where corrosion is known to be a problem. Holes in tubing or casing caused by corrosion can seriously affect production rates and fluid composition, resulting in economic loss.

Although most tubular goods are inspected before running into the hole, bad pipe has been found in numerous cases after the well completion has proved unsuccessful. Damage may also occur during testing of the well, drilling of plugs, or well stimulation. Un-cemented or poorly cemented casing can be damaged easily with excessive pressure. The effect on production can be severe and remediation will be assisted by an accurate diagnosis of the problem by an adequate inspection program. So, there are lots of potential problems to look for.

Asmary provide its clients with all types of Casing Inspection logs including mechanical, magnetic, sonic/ultrasonic and camera type tools in a variety of sizes, accuracy and applications.