ASMARI-HOMAI RC Course-Chadegan 2016

Asmary-HOMAI technical team as part of its continuous striving to develop local oil and gas industry, held the Reservoir Characterization course for a team of NISOC experts from variety of expertise’s ranging from petrophysics to production engineering. The course aimed at presenting the latest techniques in reservoir characterization particularly natural fracture reservoirs and geomechanics, porosity analysis and reservoir rock typing as well as integrated multidisciplinary reservoir evaluation. Altogether 20 people of NISOC with seniority ranging from 4 to 28 years attended this 5 day-course. The unique mixture of the participants along with wide practical experience of the instructors in a context of an intimate class environment resulted in frequent hot yet productive discussions which leveraged the mutual understanding of the technical content. The course was offered at Chadegan, a tourist resort with charming ambience in 120 km to cosmopolitan city of Isfahan.