Aluminum alloys company

Asmary produces a wide range of Aluminum Alloys for sand, gravity and pressure die casting applications meeting EN, AA, JIS, BIS, and other standards. Asmary’s alloys are employed to make critical automotive components like wheel hubs, manifolds, cylinder heads, pistons, brake assemblies, water pump casings, alternator casings etc. Our customers include some of Iran’s leading automotive and automotive component manufacturers.

Asmary’s specialty is ‘chemical composition engineering’ of alloys to exactly meet individual customer requirements. Specifications of each alloy used by every customer are protected in a comprehensive database to assure that the requirements of each customer are always realized. In addition to possess ISO 9000 certification for its alloy production line, the company established a ‘self-certification’ program with almost all its customers.

Aluminum scrap is a dominant raw material in manufacturing of alloy ingots and the advantage of Asmary over other companies is its careful attention to scrap sorting and handling. This along with effective manufacturing procedures, having state-of-the-art analytical equipment for in-situ and accurate chemical analysis, and great attention to ingot cleanness ensures total quality control from scrap handling to packaging and delivering stages. Asmary is one of the few foundries in Iran which employ in line filtration of metal for alloys used in critical casting applications. Asmary also employs various modification treatments such as sodium, titanium boron and strontium, to improve material properties and casting characteristics.

Customers are therefore assured that Asmary ingots not only meet exact composition requirements but also are gas, dross and inclusion free leading to higher productivity, particularly lower rejections and castings that pass physical and mechanical property requirements. In addition, our customers quickly enjoy Asmary’s vast experience in trouble shooting foundry problems.

Asmary capable to supply around 20,000 metric tons of aluminum alloys ingots and billets annually.

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